When I arrived in Berlin

We got the taxi, Uber XL, at the Tegel airport. It was raining.

The taxi driver always asked us where are we from, and if we told them ‘We are from Korea, they always ask back which Korea is’. I realized at that time, my country is divided by South and North.

When I was traveling before, if someone ask about that for me, I thought they are joking. And I never got the same question in Asia. But I learned when I live in Berlin, people are seriously ask about that, and I should answer ‘South Korea’.

It is interesting for me.

Anyway, at the rainy night, I arrived hotel. My company offered me a decent apartment hotel. It was good enough to release a stress for long travel.

There are one bed-room and one living-room.

When I encountered people in the hotel, they also asked me that where I am from. They are very nice and kind. It was unfamiliar to me to say hello to someone I don’t know at that time.

We needed to find the the long-term accommodation, we went out-side.

It was still raining and cold.

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